Uncomfortable Grace 

I have been learning that grace allows you to walk away from the things in our past that kept us from moving forward or in the right direction. But grace is not content to leave us where we are. God’s grace not only meets us where we are but leads us to where He is. It moves us to follow Him. While Grace frees us from the pain of the past and the pain of our brokenness, it is not always comfortable following Jesus where he leads. It’s always challenging to change. Sure some changes we are more than happy to make, but other changes can be daunting, anxiety producing, and some are downright scary. Living in the faith of grace is not easy. The challenges us to change how we think about things. It challenges us to let go of things that maybe we don’t really want to let go of. The challenges us to lay hold of things and to move and directions that we’re not really sure we want to move in or grab hold of. It is a hard thing to be learning that we are not enough. But the good news is, wants God’s Grace has a hold on you, He doesn’t ever let go. So much like being on a roller coaster that’s traveling 75 or 80 miles an hour going around all these curves and loops and dives it makes you wonder if you’re safe, God’s grace can be a wild ride too. But grace always keeps you safe. You’re never out of the hands of the God who loves you and is bringing you to Himself. 

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