Book Review: The Walking Wounded: The Path from Brokenness to Wholeness

One of the things I have come across more often than I would like in my pastoral ministry is abuse. Verbal abuse and bullying (of both youth and adults) has been the most common, but I have had people come to me who have dealt with more serious abuse: sexual, physical, and psychological. It is a sad fact that domestic abuse is no less common within the church as it is without. This is a very difficult and complicated issue to deal with on a pastoral basis. Abusers are often good at hiding under a guise of morality and victims are too often afraid to come forward for help. Add to that, that there is next to no training about this in seminary and good tools and resources are hard to find.

I am therefore very glad to be able to highly recommend The Walking Wounded: The Path from Brokenness to Wholeness by “Secret Angel.” This is a very unique book. Each of the short chapters deals with a type of abuse and has two parts. The first is an overview of what a specific type of abuse is and overviews the roles of both the abuser and the victim. Some of the types of abuse covered are bullying, verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, and financial abuse. The second part goes into an autobiographical account of the author’s own experience with that chapter’s specific form of abuse, and how Jesus ultimately rescued her from it and took her from brokenness to wholeness.

What makes Secret Angel’s book so helpful is that it helps people outside the abuse relationship, such as myself, understand an abuser’s tactics and the victim’s mindset, as well as providing signs to look for so that they both might be identified. The book is also powerful in that it shows how God can overcome and save even in the darkest of circumstances. It is just as helpful for a person experiencing abuse: it lets them know that they are not alone, that there are people who understand what they are going through, and that God is both willing and able to give them the help, healing, and hope that they need to escape it.

It is well written and easy to read. In fact, I found it hard to put down; the autobiographical sections read like a novel, and I found that I had to keep reading to find out what happened next!

The book can be ordered here. I highly recommend this book to my readers, especially to my fellow colleagues in ministry and to my readers who are dealing with issues of abuse. I also recommend Secret Angel’s blog which can be found here.


  1. Wow… Thank you so much Pastor Dan! I can’t even describe the feelings that I received as I read your review of my book. I am so happy and excited that you liked it!! I pray that God will use The Walking Wounded to touch many lives as He guided my hand as it was written. He gave me the format with divine inspiration and the words to write, even telling me,”My Tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” I write for Him and dedicate my life to Him! I pray for God to pour out His blessings upon you and your family!! Thanks again!!!


    1. You’re welcome. I meant every word. I believe God will use your book in very powerful ways. Very glad to do it. And it was easy since it is so awesome. =)


      1. Thank you so much!! I still can’t get over that you read it in 2 hours!! I prayed that it would be insightful, enlightening, educational, revealing, inspirational, and even suspenseful… A little touch of all to reach every kind of reader. I never thought anyone would want to read about my life… but God had a different plan. Thanks again.


  2. It is true that when you are experiencing abuse, your friends do not know how to help you, and sometimes the person experiencing the abuse can’t help articulate the situation because they themselves do not fully grasp all that the abuse has done to them. Congratulations Secret Angel. Thank you for blogging on this Pastor Dan so attention can be brought to this widespread problem.


  3. Reblogged this on "light and salt" and commented:
    I have only recently become familiar with Secret Angel through her WordPress blog. However, I believe she is doing some very good work with victims of abuse in their lives.
    I would like to recommend you visit her website at “” and read a few articles. You should come to the same conclusion I have…that she is a caring and helpful person on a mission of outreach with a Godly love!


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