Music is God’s Therapy

For the director of music. With stringed instruments. According to sheminith. A psalm of David (Psalms 6:1, NIV).

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called People are God’s Therapy. Today I want to share another one of God’s therapies with you—music.

I don’t know about you but I have been learning that sometimes there is nothing you can say. Sometimes we get so down, so low that if we had the Apostle Paul Himself trying to comfort us, it would just go in one ear and out the other. Sometimes our heart aches so bad, that our minds just shut out the spoken word no matter how true or helpful they may be. Sometimes there are no words we can find to say…the pain or struggle we are feeling or a friend is feeling is so much that everything we think of seems trite. Do you know what I am talking about?

This is one of the reasons I believe God invented music. Music goes where mere words cannot. Music can get right to your heart when nothing else can. Music gets your affections moving. It can help you vent feelings that need released, and can help rekindle affections that have gone out. Music can revive your soul and help you discern God’s presence, comfort, and love for you. Music can help you live and breathe in the times when God’s presence is hidden.

I think that is one of the reasons that David wrote Psalm 6, to use the therapy of music to help him give vent to the pain in his heart. Michael Card put this Psalm to music again in a song called How Long. It has been a great help to me when I am feeling attacked and God seems nowhere to be found.

When my wife and I were working through the pain of a miscarriage, The Valley Song by Jars of Clay helped my wife work through her pain.

For me it was Bring the Rain by Mercy Me.

A little over a year ago I came across Broken Girl by Matthew West and shared it with a friend who was unable to see herself as having hope of being anything but broken. That song more for her in minutes that many loving words from family and loved ones had been able to do over a decade and a half.

When I have needed to cry out when I could not understand what was going on I listened to the live version of Lord, I don’t Know by the Newsboys.

When I or someone feels like they have been under spiritual attack and need to get back up I listen to Hey Devil by TobyMac.

And when you are really hopeless and in a Dark Night of the soul, my song of choice is Beauty from Pain by Superchick.

What are some of the songs or music you go to when words are not enough?





  1. Pastor Dan,
    Great point…music is wonderful therapy from God. And like scripture, the lyrics can ‘play’ over and over in my head to bring me calmness and remind me of God and who He is.
    Thanks to you, I too love the song “Bring the rain.” My other favorite is from Hillsong United: “Oceans.”

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  2. Awesome post! Music is healing to our souls. As I read your posting, this thought came to me that I will share. I know that music is in octaves with 8 notes, but the thought that I had was the 9th note. I felt that it is the spiritual note that is like an arrow to our hearts that pin points the exact spot that needs a touch from God… and that is why certain songs touch us in certain ways. What do you think?

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  3. I like what you said about music being God’s therapy. I must need a lot of therapy; I hum hymns like ‘How Great Thou Art’ and spiritual songs under my breath day and night most days, sometimes even in noisy places. Recently I woke my husband up in the night when I hummed a couple notes out loud. My students said I hummed in school, too! Wonder if anyone else hums all the time, too.

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    1. Haha! My friend Charlie Jones sang hymns in his head when he was awake at night. If you asked him if that helped him go to sleep, he would answer “No, I helps me to enjoy being awake!” lol!


      1. Good for Charlie!
        Consider these scriptures: Luke 1:46-47 And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. How I see it is that God wants us to praise Him all the time, and the spirit that He gave to us will praise Him. \o/

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  4. So true, look no further than the song broken girl and it’s impact in my life. When music is gods word it can certain transform a life more than even the author and singer knew or could ever know. Did you know I still thank god everyday for sending me that song three times and for using you and angel to make me hear it? Well I do.

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    1. =) Always. You know I sent Sarah a playlist I called TakaSongs to help her through the summer? I still listen to that list. Even today, and Broken Girl is on it of course.


  5. Dan my Brother,

    Thanks for giving me another angle on why music is so important to me. I told my old Music Pastor years ago, while I was still in the Active USAF, that worshiping brings me so close to God, and that I truly love a good sermon, but Music, praising God and His Son, our Savior, makes it real for me through a whole different avenue. Thanks again Dan, my friend!

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