The Father’s Love Frees Us to Trust and Depend on Him

I have three daughters. I am the only male living in my house. I am a minority in a sorority. I love being a dad, and I love my girls. I love them because God made me their dad. I love them because they are my children. No matter what they have done or will do in the future, nothing will change the fact that I am their dad and that they are God’s gifts to me. I will always love them. My love for them is not based on what they do, it is based in who they are.

That is the reason God loves His children. It is not based on what we do, though God certainly is not pleased with all that we do. His love for you is based on who you are in Christ. That love frees us to love God and trust God and depend on God in the same way that Jesus did. That is awesome freedom.


  1. Yup, we have a lot in common! I was the father of three girls as well, and I loved them through it all, and there were some very hard times. But their respect for me now, because I weathered the storm, is amazing. It’s worth it all!

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