One of those days…

confidently know ~ God is in control ( ::

Of course having the hat so you don’t have to look at all the swirling fins in the water is a big help. But some days, allegorically speaking, I find myself in a little dingy like that one; and am just holding on to the hope that God is holding on to me and will keep me from being eaten alive by the predators that encircle me. This is one of those days.


          1. Ha! Spiritual bacon, I like that. I need to call myself something better than fish food. On the bright side, God tends to take care of His own or I would have been toast long ago. 🙂

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          2. My dingy has my homemade chicken soup, a fire, and a cigar. God’s not ignoring me. We are just poor fishermen out for a pleasure cruise at night through eel infested waters….

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  1. Unless, of course, God wants some sort of trouble to happen to you. He controls what doesn’t happen just as much as he controls what does happen to you. That’s why He was known for raising up armies to trouble Israel from time to time. But even if he does set something against you, he’s still on your side to help you take it down.

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    1. You can’t be learning that you are not enough or that Jesus is enough unless He brings you to people places and problems where it becomes painfully and plainfully clear that you are not enough and if Jesus doesn’t do something, you’re sunk. God is always teaching us those two things. Some days, like today, it’s just more obvious than others.


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