Life in the Estrogen Palace

I live with four women. One is my wife. The other three are our daughters. I remember when we found out that our third child was going to be another girl I turned to Mahdi and decreed, “I’m not giving up cigars, and I’m not getting rid of the dog. I have to have some manly things around here!” Such an environment can be fraught with danger, is often ripe with intrigue, and can seem–well–confusing. Moods can change on a dime. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. This one says several thousand.


But despite all the quirks, kinks, loops, dips, and slips that life brings when you live as a minority in a sorority, I wouldn’t change it for all the world. My family is a great blessing. It is a treasure. I am humbled to be My wife’s husband, and privileged to be the dad to my three middle school girls. I think I were honest, I would have to confess that they have taught me more about faith, hope, and love more than any other people in my life. I am a better man and a better Christian because of them. I love them with all I’ve got. I can honestly say that, in spite of all the dangers of living in the Estrogen Palace, I am glad God put me here. I hope you can say the same about your family.


        1. Thanks. Mercifully, it happened quick… Cancer. He was a shar pei, one of those wrinkle dogs. He was so awesome! We still have 2 cats, 2 birds, and 2 bearded dragons… It’s kind of like Noah’s Ark around here. A new dog is definitely in the future though…. =)


          1. Sounds like a Noah’s ark for sure. I love animals. I had a dachshund but it’s more tricky to have pets here in Japan. We have a rabbit and 3 goldfish ☺️.
            Cancer is horrible. My dad passed away last year after a long hard battle with it. That story is on my other blog “wrestling with faith – dancing with Jesus”.
            I hope you’ll get a new dog soon. I sure want one and my daughter is begging for one.

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