It’s Here!


082716_0151_SpecialGrac1.jpgI am happy to announce that my latest book, Special Graces in Common Places, is now available. If you are like me, you expect to hear from God when you are reading your Bible, when you are worshipping in church, and when you are praying. But what about during the rest of your day, which even on Sunday is most of the day right? What about when you are driving to work, or when you are at the grocery store, or when you are doing something fun? Do you have an expectation that God is still speaking to you after you have closed your Bible, walked out of church on Sunday, or after you have said “amen?”

Just as Jesus taught His disciples in and through the “everyday” stuff that happened day in and day out while He was walking this earth with them, His Spirit is doing the same with us. In “Special Graces,” I share some of the lessons Jesus has been teaching me as He has been walking with me day in and day out. While the circumstances through which He spoke are common everyday things we all experience, the lessons He has been teaching me are anything but ordinary—they are special graces, extraordinary lessons from ordinary daily life. It is my hope that in hearing what God has been speaking to me, you might be encouraged to look for how He is speaking to you…even when you are just making some eggs for breakfast.

Special Graces in Common Places, is available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. The print book includes a free copy of the Kindle edition. I look forward to your comments and reviews.



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