My Father’s Cloak

On January 27, 2020, Jesus brought my Dad Home to be with Him. He was 83. This is an edited version of the memorial service we had for my Dad on February 15th at West Church in Haverhill MA. We felt like we had to edit out the hymns that were sung because the sound did not come through so well on them. So what we have here is All of us who spoke, starting with Pastor Chris Zielger, then Anna Ledwith, myself giving the message “My Father’s Cloak,” and then my mom Carole Ledwith saying some final words.

I am posting this at the request of many people who attended as well as for those who wished they could have been there but were not able to attend.

Special thanks to my brother Dave who took the time to edit this for me.


Dan Ledwith


  1. This is beautiful, Dan. I’m so glad you shared it. I really like the line from (I think it was) the pastor, who said ‘if he loved you, you knew it’. Such a wonderful testimony. I can’t think of anything more I would want people to say about me when I die. I loved your daughters words and yours. Well done.
    ❤️ Beth


  2. Dan, we’re in California. So sorry we missed it, it was very hard for me! I love your parents, and your dad meant so much to me!!! Hoping we can connect when we return.
    Your brother,
    Pete Schena

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  3. Dan, I am so glad to find this record of a great event. I was afraid it hadn’t been captured. Now I can hear your powerful and blessed words over and over, and be inspired yet again by my beloved friend Robert.
    Gratefully and affectionately,

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