A Prayer for Memorial Day

Heavenly Father,

Your Spirit has opened our eyes that we may see Your greatness and Your holiness.
We see that You are a perfect harmony of opposite glories.
For You are both

Transcendent and immanent,
One and three,
Just and justifier,
Righteousness and compassionate,
Full of grace and full of truth.

Lord when we not only know that in our mind,
but sense it’s truth and beauty in our hearts,
we are overcome by Your holiness.
We are astounded by Your grace,
a grace that reaches down not to friends in need,
or to those who do not know better,
but to Your enemies.

And so while we come with empty hands,
We believe and trust that the grace You have provided in Jesus Christ is more than enough to meet all our needs.

We are so grateful for the privilege to live in this great country, the United States of America. It was founded by people who believed that the best way to build a nation was on a foundation of knowing that You, Father, created all people in Your image, that therefore all are created equal and have the divine right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

While many nations and countries have risen and fallen before the birth of America in 1776, we recognize that there is no government that has lasted longer and been more successful than our own since that time. These blessings and graces have not come without cost. Today we remember those who gave all that they had, even their lives, so that we can enjoy the freedoms and privileges we have today, even being here worshiping You this morning.

Loving Father, we come before You today looking for Your comfort and grace. Many of us are hurting. Many of us are struggling with grief to heavy or words. We need to feel the presence of Your Holy Spirit, The Comforter. Spirit minister to us this morning we pray. Keep fresh in our minds the hope that we have through Jesus Christ.


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