Personal Confession (Matthew 19:13-15) Dan Ledwith August 6, 2017 – SoundCloud

My posts Special Graces in Common Places, Personal Confessions, and Lessons from Spiderman were actually a sermon series I gave on August 6th and 13th. For those who are more audible than visual, here is the first recording.

Personal Confession (Matthew 19:13-15) Dan Ledwith August 6, 2017 by West Church #np on #SoundCloud


  1. So many in the Bible had to wait for years to see the fulfillment of the promise. Abraham was 100 years old when his Isaac was born. It was a long wait of character development. Joseph was called to rule and he had to wait 13 years as a slave, wrongfully accused, thrown in prison and seemingly forgotten. He learned the culture of Egypt during this time, the culture of Pharoah, to forgive and to totally depend on God. The rewards were great, the destiny great and so the preparation time took longer. A bigger destiny means more preparation. I have always thought you get to really practice being a shining light makes a bigger difference in darkness (regular working world). You get to have your spiritual ears and eyes fine tuned to the voice of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We learn to listen to the still small voice.

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