I’ve been learning that….

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing worse than a dry, boring, or poorly done worship service. God wants us to worship Him with excellence. But if the service, or the sermon, or the music, or the personalities, or the experience is what is center stage–if they are the draw–we are missing something. Life has plenty of entertainment, distractions, and shows. But to meet Jesus, to see the Father, to encounter the Spirit. To be caught up in the embrace of His grace, nourished by His truth, and to be directed by His love… that is something else.


  1. Advertisers speak of “bait and switch.” Get customers into the store for one item they want, and sell them something else instead. It is shameful that some Christian groups find it necessary to use something other than the Gospel as bait to get people into the building so they can “sell” them God’s promises. J.

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  2. Agreed… but I have also been in churches with all the hoopla going on… but someone forgot to invite our precious Holy Spirit to the service. There is nothing like feeling His Presence and hearing His Voice… no matter where you are. I pray for a mighty move of the Spirit throughout the land!

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  3. If people are there for certain aspects of the show rather than to worship God, those people are being consumers rather than disciples. Jesus called us to make disciples, not entertainment.

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    1. True. But I would also say if people are coming for the show then we are not doing a good job of making disciples or of worship. It’s not all on them. It’s on us too.


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