Hi all….

Alright… I am coming up to breathe. Things have been such that I have not taken the time to post for a while. Anna has been in the hospital again since my last post and Mandi, my epic wife, has undergone knee replacement surgery. As she will be out of work for the next few months I have taken a second job. I have continued to be called to preach at local churches, do funerals, and the occasional wedding. That has been good. God has been good. But that doesn’t mean it has been easy.

Learning that you are not enough and that Jesus is enough is a challenging lesson. I say “learning” because one of the things I have been learning is that I have not “learned” much! In fact, I have come to the point where I am very suspicious of someone who says, “You know what I’ve learned?” Show me some one who will say that and I’ll show you an idiot! I’ve been learning is that the minute I think I’ve learned something God teaches me that I haven’t really learned it yet. I haven’t learned much, but I’ve been learning a whole lot!


  1. Welcome back Dan. I couldn’t agree with you more. Learning is a tricky thing and we do it in pieces. So glad you are “learning” along with all if us!

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      1. Remember, I had three daughters too. Learning curve takes a lot of twists and turns. Like a mighty roller coaster – sometimes fun, sometimes scarry. But God makes it so much easier to navigate when we know Him.

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  2. Hang in there! All those girls are so blessed to have you. I’ll keep lifting you up in prayer.

    Funny about not knowing anything. I hear you! I call that leveling up the whole game. Kind of like how I’ll be playing a video game and the Lord will suddenly come along and say, “Wait, I think it’s time to just level up this whole game!”

    When the Lord is all you have, you learn He is all you need. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to learn that without jumping right into the fire. Yay me. It’s kind of like swimming lessons. 🙂

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  3. Welcome back!!!! I have missed you and your words of wisdom!. I have 3 children also so I understand how hectic life can be… especially when you put illness in the mix. Praying for you, my brother!

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