The Act of Patience


This is an important lesson I have been learning. Waiting, sitting, staying, being patient, and whatever other variant there may be of this, it is not doing nothing. It may feel like it is doing nothing. It may seem like you’re stuck. It may seem like you’re not going anywhere. But it is not doing nothing. I have been learning that sometimes patiently waiting is the most important and potent action we can take. When God says “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10), He is not asking us to not act. He is telling us what action we need to take so that we can see who He is, ย and to allow Him to do the things we cannot.


  1. I am set in that mode right now. I started to write a letter to a lawyer who is doing nothing as far as I can tell. I felt like God put a stop to that action and said to leave it to him I leaving it. Hopefully I can last the issue out with patience.

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