Lessons from fireplaces

There is something comforting about sitting by a fire for me. I love siting next to the fireplace and listening to the crackle of the flames, watching its light flicker, and smelling the smoke. It is calming and relaxing. I like feeling the warmth on my legs. This time of year we have the fireplace in our sitting room going just about every night. I look forward to it. The fireplace is one of the things I am very thankful for.

I think that a fireplace is a good picture of what the Christian life should be like. Like a well lit fireplace the way we speak and act and relate to people should attract people to us. People should be drawn by the warmth of our love and the light of our wisdom. Those who are cold with the brokenness of guilt and shame should find the warmth of God’s grace and compassion in our presence. As smoke rises from the logs, our prayers should constantly be rising up to heaven. And as the logs burn and turn to ember, we too should be living in such a way as to burn for God’s glory, loving Him with all our heart and soul and strength and in our love for one another. Living that way, living that life of love, warms the Father’s heart and communicates His love to the people around us.

Thus are my musings as I sit beside the fire…


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