A few days ago my friend Michelle gave me quite the shock writing this post.

It was a good kind of shock mind you, but shock nonetheless.

We met, as she says, via WordPress a bit over three years ago. I give that whole account in detail in my post A Tale of Three Women (she’s the third woman).

I encourage you to read her post. Not to promote myself, but to share something God taught me through it: that God uses what you do and say long after you have said it and when you have no idea that that is what He is doing.

You see, while for the first 2 years of our friendship we talked almost every day and often several times a day, in the last year (until the last few weeks) I have only heard from Michelle very sporadically. But not hearing or seeing does not mean God is still not using. Don’t ever assume with God. That is a very dangerous thing. Her post has me learning again that God is always working behind the scenes. And He works through the things you say, the memories you created, and the words your write. You may think they get old, or aren’t that good, or weren’t that effective. But what you think does not really have any effect on God’s ability to use them.




  1. Thanks for sharing that post Dan. What a story! And I agree – these simple words we write on out blogs from day to day may sometimes feel repetitive, or mundane, but God can use them in mighty ways. We never know who will stop by that post and need exactly what we have written that day. I believe God has a purpose in my writings, so I push on. I’m sure you feel that way as well!

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