1. Hey Dan, I read this the other day and (foolishly) thought, ‘I’m ok with the past….’. But two words stood out and stuck with me…..’irreversible past’. Last night at a church meeting we were talking about teens and I recalled a story about one of my kids….a parenting ‘fail’ kind of story. I left the meeting and as I drove home, my stomach was in knots and my breathing tight. I searched my mind for what in the meeting had prompted this response….it had been a really good meeting…And I realized that parenting fail story had launched me into the past and I was drowning in condemnation that I had heaped onto myself.
    But then those two words from that little post (that I didn’t need!!) came back to me. “Irreversible past’. Right! I couldn’t undo it. God had already forgiven me a long time ago….so I laid it at his feet again. Told him I was sorry I had failed….that I was sorry for all my parenting failures but that with His continued help, I expect to keep doing better. And my stomach relaxed, my jaw unclenched and I could breathe again. I’m a big believer in feedback….so I wanted to let you know that the post I didn’t need proved to be quite helpful! 😉 Beth


    1. Haha! That’s often how it goes. I’m just glad grace came quick to your soul. Jesus is a good Master, He knows how and where to provide just what we need. Keep on running Beth, and run with joy, because the race is fixed. Your win is in the bag. Jesus made sure of that. 👍👍👍


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