About those two lessons….

If you spend much time around my blog at all you will notice some recurring themes. One of those themes is that I have been learning that life is about learning two lessons: 1. You are not enough. 2. Jesus is enough, and in Him you will always have enough.

I am learning that again now. We recently saw some water coming up from behind our dishwasher, but it did not look like it was coming from it. Not only that, but there was no discernible water valve to turn off behind around or behind the dishwasher. Then the fuse controlling the power in the girls’ bedrooms tripped. We had one of our neighbors who is a general contractor come over and help us assess things and get the water turned off. The good news was he was able to turn off the water and found the leak. The bad news is that the leak was coming from the bend of a copper pipe that fed the dishwasher from the basement. Apparently it has been slowly leaking for a long time. The subfloor was rotten, the wires were soaked (hence the reason the power was tripped), the cabinets had black mold on them near the floor and would need totaled replaced, along with the soft wood floor (original to the house from 1780).

What a way to get into your anniversary huh? Of course we are in touch with the insurance company, but this is some scary expensive stuff happening. And it quickly became very clear that I am not enough to handle this. If Jesus does not show up with the means to fix this, I don’t see any other way out. Of course, experience tells me that is just the kind of situation Jesus likes to handle.

In the meantime we are praying that God would provide to make these needed repairs. We hope you would pray for us too.




  1. Stuff & life happen; this too shall pass & everything in life is temporary. Consider the saints in my grandfathers hometown in Syria that are really displaced & in need of everything. We might be inconvenienced in one way or other but He reminds us periodically of how we’re blessed. Just a thought to ponder. Barakhanat,Habeebi.

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      1. You’re welcome – hope my Arabic didn’t throw you a curve. Barakhanat – blessings & Habeebi Precious or Sweetheart used as an endearment to friends and family. You’re 1st lesson in the language & there are many dialects. Will hold your surprise for you, too. Have a Happy & HealthyNew Year too.

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  2. Thank God that our circumstances don’t control us! Dan, you are in the midst of a test because good things are coming your way. The Lord, Jehovah Jireh, is your provider. He loves to sustain you in the impossible and provide. He is the same God who had a ram in the bush for Abraham, oil multiplying for the poor widow in Elisha’s day, the one who multiplied a boy’s lunch to feed 5,000 men, in Jesus’ day, and probably including women and children at least 45,000 people were fed with extra left over! He is the same God today. Looking forward to hearing how God’s favor goes ahead of you and how he supernaturally provides for you and your family! Your little becomes much in the hands of God. Get ready for an abundance of God’s grace, mercy, favor and provision! You are covered in prayer too!

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