1. It is not just happening at church though. We do the same thing in our homes, at work, etc. We compartmentalize Jesus and give him boundaries. What would it look like in a church for Jesus to be invited in to take over? I think it still depends on your doctrinal understanding. For some, they are scared of experiencing Jesus. For others, they are scared of being accountable to the body of Christ. What are we afraid of? Losing perceived control? Why? Social norms and mores? Making people uncomfortable? What did Jesus do? He was a relational story teller and healer. That sounds like someone I would want to sit in front of and learn from.

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      1. For what I wrote I was maintaining the definition of church being the organized gathering of believers. But yes, the church is most certainly as the children songs says, “I am the church, you are the church, yes we’re the church together. All the other people all around the world, yes we’re the church together.”

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