As you know, working in retail this time of year is nuts. So please don’t be surprised if comments take a bit longer than usual to get approved or that I may not engage in my normal conversation and banter. It’s just that I don’t have the time during the day and when I am home I am wiped out and working to get things ready for Christmas in the midst of the wonderful unforseen and unwanted surprises that come with home ownership. =) Thus ends my PSA. 


  1. “I may not engage in my normal conversation”

    LOL! Okay, I’ll avoid any wisecracks about “normal conversation.” Be good to yourself, will you? Don’t let the stress get to you, all will be well. Breath in, breath out. This too shall pass.

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  2. It’s a busy time of year and we are all feeling it. Your family comes before this blog. Just rest and have a Very Merry Christmas with your family. We can resume blogging after Christmas.

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