Aim to…

fb_img_1482468865940I say “aim for” because this statement of Tozer’s is a statement of law. It is a summary of what we are required to do. But there is no “law”– be it divine capital “L” Law or human lowercase “l” law–that we can hope to keep. Such statements contain the truth of what should be, what we should be, but not what we can be. Not this side of heaven. Grace does not cure original sin, or sin nature is wounded, robbed of its final sting. But it is not dead in us. No matter how far we progress or how high we climb in the Christian life (and by the Spirit’s help we can travel far and high) we will never be rid of it. Let us not fool ourselves into thinking we can be before God brings us Home. But let us walk boldly and climb with confidence towards that pure holiness, for that is where we are being led and where we will finally come.


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