I have been learning that…


Just as there are sins of commission (doing the wrong thing) and sins of omission (not doing the right thing), blessings can be good that God brings us and bad things He keeps or takes from us.


  1. Yes, amen! I sometimes joke about how we often don’t even seem to know the difference between blessings and curses. So you win the lottery…..and wind up broke, divorced, and alcoholic? That’s actually happened to people.

    There’s a family nearby whose home went into foreclosure, so they rented a house twice as nice as their other one. The kids thought they got rich because they all have their own bedrooms and a hot tub, now. Then the owner decided to sell it to them. So there they are, paying less than they did before,living in a much nicer house,and declaring foreclosure was the best thing that ever happened to them.

    The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve learned to seek out the blessing in some of those curses. Far more often than not, God is actually trying to bless us,if we can just move out of the way. There are always going to be some things that we aren’t going to understand, but for the most part, He really wants to see us well.

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    1. YES!!! Exactly!! How many times I have sat wondering what in the world God was up too when all I could see was the immediate seemingly negative effects. Hind-sight is a beautiful thing and to count the number of times I have looked back and thanked God for the things He took away!!! 🙂

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  2. Exactly what I needed at the moment. Walking on an invisible road right now, regarding my daughters mental health. Each med she tries comes with side effects and twice now she has gotten the ‘scary’ side effects….just stopped another med last night. The picture you posted reminded me not to see this as another hope lost but instead perhaps the stopping is a gift….

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