The #1 Post

About three years ago I wrote a post titled What Did I Do Wrong to Deserve This? This has turned out to be one of those posts that never seems to go away. It is viewed multiple times everyday. In fact, as time has gone on, it has been viewed more and more… thousands of times in fact. It is far and away the most viewed post on my blog.

I think that fact speaks to how poorly the church handles the subject of pain and suffering today. Pain, suffering, loss, and failure are not only universal experiences, they are the experiences that most deeply reveal, challenge, shape, and change us. If we are not careful to handle how we think about it, how we respond to it, and how we help others through it, we can end up lost, frustrated, and bitter. It is not an easy subject, I know. It can be slippery and it is always daunting. It requires humility, discernment, and the wisdom to know that some things you will not find a satisfactory answer for. You can’t deal with it simply by quoting Romans 8:28. That verse is the truth, but it is not all the truth.


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