The wait is over for “Wait for It”

A week ago I had the privilege of preaching at West Church in Haverhill, MA on the first Sunday of Advent. I posted the text of that message here. I have had several requests from friends both on and off WordPress for the audio. It was posted yesterday. Here it is. I have also put the track on the original post as well. If you listen, I hope you are caught up in the fun I had in giving it and (more importantly) that God speaks to your soul through it.




  1. Love the message. Good preaching, Dan. If I ever get back east, I’ll have to look you up and see where you’re preaching! Or just go to the cigar shop.

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      1. My brother lives in Princeton Mass. So I get out there to see him about every other year. This cancer has messed up our schedule but I’m sure I’ll get back out there in the next couple years some time

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  2. LOL! In a twist of irony, I was in kid’s church and missed the message Sunday so I am, wait for it…waiting for it… to get posted on-line.

    Good message, thanks, I really enjoyed that. The Princess Bride is also my favorite movie. Waiting is also my least favorite thing to do.

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