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If listening means trusting yourself to this is true. But if listening means assuming that God would never speak through a person that was not listening or following Him, then that is not always true. God has on occasion used non-Christians to speak to me. And why not? He could speak through an ass and through Balaam right? What about Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus? Both of them said and wrote things that are in Scripture. Don’t think there are certain people that God will never use to speak through.


  1. Also, listen to no man who claims to be the only one to whom God speaks; i.e. cult leaders, charismatic pastors, popular Christian personalities / teachers who sell books and make millions in the process.

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  2. Well said.

    I like the quote, “he who is under authority has authority.” That requires some discernment, the ability to understand when God is speaking to you through someone, versus when someone is simply under their own authority. That can get really complex because sometimes Christian people are not under authority at all, and sometimes non believers are being used by God Himself. I guess the best way to sort it all out is to get to know Christ, to learn to hear the sound of His voice. My sheep know my voice, right?

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      1. Here’s the really cool thing, though. If your discernment ever fails you, God will bail you out. We are like those kids that just don’t know any better, with a good father willing to step in and intervene when necessary. Unless we really do know better, in which case we might just be in trouble.:-)

        The point is, He really does take care of His own.

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