1. Ooo–complicated topic. Good works definitely do not save us, but I don’t think they are evidence of the change within us either. What of the virtuous pagan? Gandhi did many good things, but he rejected Christ as his Savior.
    The purpose of good works, I believe, is to conform to the will of our Creator (Ephesians 2:10). When we do good works, we are doing what he created us to do. If I want to know that I have been saved, redeemed, reconciled to God, and reformed in the image of Christ Jesus, I look at what Jesus did. Looking at my efforts to do good things might cause me to doubt that I have yet been saved. J.

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  2. Peter a fisherman preached at Pentecost,Paul a Jew of the Jews preached to the Gentiles,I could not fight on the front lines like my cousins Gary and Stan, cook like my brother did in the Army,or be stationed with the occupational forces in Germany like my father. As a member of the Presidential Prayer Team I enter the front lines in prayer.

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