1. LOL! We won’t be posting that one at our church. I believe our pastor has actually spoken extensively about short pastors and short sermons, too. Kind of funny, he’s awesome, and generally standing up high up front, so I never realized he was about my height. He has a big spirit and that’s what you notice first. One day he spoke about short people and some of the bullying and rejection that can happen, and I suddenly realized he wasn’t very tall for a guy.

    I kid you not, I had coffee with some ladies afterwards and we were like, did you know our pastor isn’t very tall? We were genuinely surprised to suddenly become aware of this. It stuck in my mind because perception really is everything. Sometimes the things that really bother us, no one else even notices.

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    1. Ahh… Compensating going on eh? I want her to Pastor say that one of the signs that God’s manifest presence had left the church is the brevity of the service. He said some of you guys out there have let some old lady hold you to 22 minutes. Shame on you you preach so you’re done!

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