Do you know what day it is????

It is ironic that the day after Thanksgiving is a no-holds-barred-all-out-shopping-bomb-of-a-day known as “Black Friday.” It is like a day of giving thanks for what we have is all we can take. Like the workout of gratitude gives way to an unfettered gorging on stuff we don’t.

Ironic, but not surprising. We grow out of a lot, but we never seem to grow out of “my,” “me,” and “I.” That includes me by the way. When extra money comes my way my first thought is not, “What is God’s plan for this extra money?” but “What can I get with this extra money?” The second thought is natural. The former one is unnatural–it is supernatural.

Black Friday may be flush with irresistible deals, but it is also great proof of just how effortlessly we can switch to being inwardly focused on ourselves and  to how badly we need God’s grace.

Fortunately, as lavish as we are with our cash and credit cards on Good Friday, we don’t even come close to how lavish God is with His grace any given second of any given day.


  1. Silly Friday is crazy for sure! We go out and spend money on something we don’t really need just because it’s on sale??? Look 👀 I saved some money??? Thank God for His grace!!!

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    1. So much of it is about status. I heard someone say once that “status” is when you spend money don’t have on things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like. There’s a lot of truth in that isn’t there!

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