Fitting in family time

This has been a long week for me. My days off are Friday and Sunday. But this Friday, instead of having the day off, I officiated at a funeral. Then Saturday morning I left home early to speak at a men’s breakfast then went right to work for the rest of the day. When you read this, I will be guest preaching at a local church. Needless to say, not much time at home this week. And the reason my posts have not been more substantial for the last few days.

But we continued a family tradition yesterday. Mandi and our three girls came to the shop where I work and took part in the time honored sport of Turkey Bowling. I posted about this a couple days ago. My kids look forward to Turkey Bowling every year. To them, Turkey Bowling is a Thanksgiving tradition for us.

It was great to see them in the middle of my busy day. They had a lot of fun. I thought I would share some of the fun with you.





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