Ears to Hear


This is really the same point that my “lessons from____” posts and my book Special Graces in Common Places are getting at. We look for what God is saying to us in Scripture, at church, in Bible studies, and the like. But what about when we are at work, or out at the grocery store, or when the unexpected happens? We need to be paying attention to the Spirit’s voice and leading all the time, not just when we expect it or when we are doing “Christian” things. To see and hear God in the ordinary, requires a greater level of spiritual discernment.


    1. Well said, Pete! Funny how I can look at certain situations in the world and be full of Christ’s mind-set and love as I look upon them…the needy, the helpless, children, nature, and so on. Then, WHAM! Someone cuts me off in tragic, I miss the green light and I’m now late to my appointment. In an instant I somehow body-slam Christ’s mind-set and love right out of myself! LOL! I am happy to report, however, that as I have matured in Christ my bad-thought/behavior rebound is much faster, but still. 🙂 One day we will all know what it truly means and feels like to have the mind-likeness of Christ. I, for one, look forward to it! Have a great night!

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