Lessons from a Lamborghini

When I was living in New Jersey, I visited this car dealership that sold really high end cars. Cars I couldn’t afford then, and still can’t afford now. I’m talking about Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, and Rolls Royce. The car I was interested in however, was a Lamborghini Countach. Ever since I was a teenager, I have thought they were the coolest cars. And if I ever have $250,000 to drop on a car, maybe I’ll get one.

Well, at this dealership, I was able to get into a white Lamborghini with a tan leather interior. I got inside and shut the door. It felt great. I felt great. I took it all in. After a minute I decided to get out. But I couldn’t locate the handle to open the door. It took me a few minutes to find it. It took me another minute to figure out how to operate it. I finally got the door open….but I couldn’t get out. All the sudden spending a quarter million on this thing seemed not to be such a great idea. I ended up crawling out of the car hands first. It was funny. It was embarrassing. The sales person was shaking his head at me.

Lamborghinis are not Mazda minivans. You need a different set of knowledge to operate the car. Because I wasn’t aware of how the car worked, I was not able to operate it…or even get out of it!

If you need to invest time in learning about how to use a car, doesn’t it make sense that you would need to invest time in understanding the new life you have in Christ? Are you familiar the instruction book? Have you read your Bible? You need to. Weather you know it or not, your new heart longs for it. It is like fuel for your life. It is the food that your new heart needs to beat healthy and strong.


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