So Anna called me at work…

Anna called me today while I was at work. That’s not a bad thing. I enjoy it when my girls call me. However today, because of the election, all three of my monkeys were home from school…don’t ask me why, it’s not like the schools are used for polling places.

But being that there was not school, that meant all three of them were home alone all day while the mom and I were at work. So when the home number showed up on my phone, I quickly prayed that everything was okay.

“When are you going to be home?” Anna asked.

“Well, my shift is over at 6:00pm, so I will be home before 7:00.”

“Okay. Mom is supposed to get home around the same time.”

“Yup. Are You okay?”


“You’re alive?”


“What about your sisters, are they okay?”


“No one has died?”

“No.” I could hear her smiling now.

“No blood? No one has been bleeding?”


“Have you eaten?”


“There is spaghetti and meatballs you can make for dinner. Or I can make something when I get home if you can wait that long.”


We talked a bit more about food options and then said goodbye. I could tell Anna was feeling better having talked with me and knowing what was going to be happening.

Just like Anna needed to talk to her father (me), we need to have daily check ins with our heavenly Father. He is no less excited and happy to hear our prayers than I am when my girls call. And just as Anna was encouraged, informed, and made clear what was going on and what she could do (and not do), we need to talk to our Father for the same reason.

We (or at least I) need encouragement, reminders, redirection, instruction, and clarification on things throughout my day. Prayer is much more than a list or a report, it is a conversation between two people who love each other. We need to not only tell God what we are feeling, what is going on, and what we need, we need to listen to what He is aging back to us. He is a great listener, but He needs us to listen too. Take the time to have those check in conversations with your Father every day. He loves knowing that you are thinking about Him, and you will love discovering that He was also thinking about you.


  1. What a great analogy! I did have to laugh, however (yes, I know that is a shock to you!), because I couldn’t help but think that our conversations can be so ‘one-sided’ with God, much as kids who give you one-word responses when we try to communicate with them, except the rolls are reversed! As ‘children’ of God WE do all the talking and can’t seemingly get a word back from our Father. But, if we would stop and JUST LISTEN for God, we just might hear him!! Good stuff! 🙂

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          1. I hope she never stops… It’s hard when they hit that age that they have zero interest in anything you have to say to them. Good news is that it usually turns back around again, sooner or later anyway! 🙂

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