One of the greatest gifts of grace that you have when you trust in Christ is the assurance of hope.

What is the hope we are assured of? We are assured that God is a God who keeps all His promises. When God makes a promise He keeps it. Psalm 146:6 (NLT) says, He keeps every promise forever. No one who hopes in the Lord will ever be put to shame, because He keeps all His promises. He doesn’t renege on His word. No power can stop Him. He doesn’t need anyone’s permission to go ahead with His plans. Every promise God makes He keeps. When your heart is in Him and your hope is in Him, you have an unshakable foundation for hope.

How do you know this is true? The foundation of your hope is in the cross of Christ. Why is that? Because there is no greater thing that God could do to prove the length and depth of His love and His commitment to His promises to those who trust Him than that. Paul says in Romans 8:32 (NLT), Since He did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else?

God wants you to know, “You can put your hope in Me because I have not held back anything from you and have committed all that I am to insure that what I promise will come to pass. Nothing is greater than Myself and that is what I have given you through the work of Jesus Christ. You have the righteousness of Christ given in place of your guilt, and you have Him as your Brother praying and advocating for you before Me. You have My Spirit living and moving in you connecting you to Me at all times, and interceding for you every minute of the day. And you have my promises to love you, to provide for you, to rescue you, to comfort you, to uphold you, to guide you, to strengthen you, and carry you home to Me without fail. All I have and all that I Am is yours because you are Mine, and I never forsake My own.”


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