Learning to be Dependent

One of the main lessons God wants us to be learning is dependence on Him. He wants us learning how much we need to depend on Him. We cannot be depending on ourselves. We like to think that we are able to handle ourselves most of the time, as if we only need God’s grace and provision for certain things or at certain times. The truth is we need Him all the time. God deliberately brings things into our lives to humble us and wake us up to how blind we are, how weak we are, and how helpless we are. He will send things to drive us to our knees so that we come to Him in prayer. We often act like the prodigal son and take the blessings we have been given and attempt to live life on our own terms. But like the prodigal son we will come to the point where we realize that we need Him. He wants us learning how much we can depend on Him.

Once God begins to wake us up to our need for Him, He then begins to show us just how much we can trust Him. No matter how great the need, no matter how far we fall, no matter how deeply we bury ourselves, God can provide for us, lift us up, and carry us out of whatever pit we are in. God wants you to know that He is sovereign. He is all powerful. His goodness guides everything in your life to work for your joy and His glory. His grace can clean you from any amount of guilt you have. Generosity will provide for all your needs. His faithfulness assures that He will never leave you or forsake you. His love can wipe away any shame you have.

Living in the freedom of Christ’s promises means learning to rest in the truth of God’s sovereignty. His sovereignty guarantees that what Christ died to purchase for you, you will be given.


  1. Great post! What is nerve-wracking is that we KNOW this yet will still rely on our own devices and understanding before it dawns on us to ask for Gods guidance! Good grief! I mean, how many times will I be so pig-headed or prideful before I learn to START with God, not use Him in an exasperated last resort move?? I just laugh at myself for the stupidity because when I DO turn it over to God, guess what? Yup, you guessed it, it all comes together. 🙃😃

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