Trouble Talk


Two things are always going to be true in the Christian life:

  1. You will always have problems.
  2. You will always have blessings.

While we can’t ignore our problems (God gave you your problems for a reason you know), we don’t need to talk about them all the time. We tend to focus on our problems more than our blessings. The more you talk about something, the more focused you get on that thing. The more you talk about your problems the more you see them over everything else. I have been learning that doing that not only makes me focus on my problems, it keeps me from appreciating or even seeing the blessings God has been giving. Not surprisingly, by talking more about the blessings in my life, they become more apparent and more appreciated. I get more thankful. And the more I see God’s loving blessings the less consumed I get by my problems. They haven’t gone away, you understand, they just look different. But that difference, makes a big difference. =)


  1. The other day I was there . . . focusing in on my problems and then I heard the Lord nudge me into focusing in on all that I am thankful for. And boy my problems do not compare to all my blessings. Been uplifted ever since!! Love those nudging’s 🙂 Thank you Jesus ~ Blessings ~

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