Herfing Here and There…

Yesterday I started at my new job as a retail tobacconist. That’s the glorified way of saying I’m working in a cigar shop. I have taken off my “Pastor Dan” hat and put on my “Pastor Padron” hat (Padron being my favorite brand of cigar). I worked in a cigar shop when I was putting my way through seminary so I will probably catch on quicker than most, but as I am traveling the learning curve of how things work in the three different locations, I will not be able to respond as quickly to comments as I would like. Please be patient, and please do keep commenting. I enjoy hearing from you! I am sure God is going to be teaching me a lot too. After all, His Spirit doesn’t see any divide between the sacred and the secular; and, I can assure you from personal past experience, if Jesus was not afraid to work with fishermen, zealots, and tax collectors, He is not afraid to work in a cigar shop either.

PS: A “herf” is a group of friends smoking cigars. =)


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