A Year to be Thankful For

A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out (Isaiah 42:3, NIV).

Yesterday in my post, Taking the open door, I said that this last year has been very weird. That is true. I am not taking that back. It has been a year of many changes, challenges, and shakeups. But this month also marks a year since my daughter Anna has done any self-harm or had to be admitted for depression and anxiety.

Between 2014 and 2015 she was hospitalized eight times. Once she was in for almost a month. She is in such a different place now, and I am so proud of her and thankful to God for all He has done and is continuing to do for her and in her. There were times when her faith was really weak. But true to His word, my Father did not snuff the wick of her faith out, but tenderly and tenaciously worked her smoldering faith back into a steady flame.

Her smile comes easy these days. Anna will always have times when depression and anxiety get the better of her. It is how she is wired. But that same wiring also emits a deep empathy, a hearty compassion, and a tender mercy that has God’s fingerprints all over it. I love the way God made her. And I love what God is doing with her. And I cannot wait to see what He is going to do through her as an adult. I am so humbled, proud, and happy that God chose me to be her dad.


  1. As a father, I have been on the same road you are traveling. In fact, I still am. There are good days and there are bad days, but the power and grace of the Lord remain steady. J.

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