My Thought for the Day

In America, we don’t cast idols of gods to proudly place on our mantles. We do something a bit more insidious: we put our trust and faith in things like our money, power, prestige, success, influence, sports teams, addictions, relationships, and popular personalities. These things don’t scream “false god” like a carved idol. They are harder to see because we don’t proudly display our idols for everyone to see. They are virtually invisible. They are for private viewing only.

God knows what our idols are. He knows how easily we fall for them and for the power and protection they claim to offer.

God wants you to know, if you are really interested in the best, you don’t need to invest in anything or anyone but Him. There can be only one, and God is the One!


  1. Sadly, how many days have we gotten to the end of and suddenly realized we hadn’t given God a thought allllll day, that we relied on our own understanding to get through issues instead of Him being the first person we draw on for not only our strength but wisdom and discernment as well? Yet, we think about our spouse or significant other all day! Yes, even our spouse or significant other is placed so often before God and therefore idols as well. That one took me a long time to wrap my head around. Then, one very fine day, God opened my eyes and I finally got it! Not the ‘theory’ of it but actually HOW to put God first. Now, if I could explain clearly just what that looks like, then we wouldn’t need God… He opens our eyes to things on His time, not ours. As for me, I’m grateful He chose to open mine on that one!!
    Have a blessed night! 😁

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    1. Man Lorra, God’s been busy giving you some wisdom! It is soooo easy to put other people first. My mentor Charlie Jones used to respond when he heard someone say “I always put God first,” “You put God first? Who are you to put God anywhere! He is first whether you like it or not! You realize He is first and you repent for putting Him so far down your list because you realize He is first no matter where you put Him!”

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      1. Amen Dan! I’m so grateful for every morsel God chooses to show me, sooooo grateful! We can get out of our own ways long enough to even SEE how much we DONT put Him first… I’m ashamed how much!!

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        1. As long as you remember that the lesson in that is to be learning that grace is not only the only thing that makes us right with God, grace is the only thing keeping us right with God, and because of Jesus, you have all you need. God won’t love you less because you don’t love Him more. =)

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