1. Listen closely to this! Paul advised Timothy on something very important, when he advised him to divide rightly the Word of God. And the only way to do it is to first go to the Old Testament pick the shadows, then come to the New Testament to find the reality of the shadows and dovetail the whole picture. Then, and there then you have the true mind of Christ.
    Now, when we take in the Old Testament the two characters, Boaz and Ruth, as I introduced it, they typify two other characters of the New Testaments: Boaz is the type, the shadow and the anti-type is Christ; then, Ruth is the type, the shadow and the anti-type is the bride of Christ. Ti is easy to see it just by the meaning of their names: Boaz means “In God is Strength of Riches, Power, Virtue and Grace”, and all that is found in Christ, no one else. Ruth means “a female friend”, the bride of Christ.
    Therefore, the union Boaz-Ruth was in shadow what the union Christ-bride was in the anti-type, I mean Ruth was the entire time ETERNAL mate IN GLORY. Neither death nor nothing else can ever separate them. Because they are from eternity and they stepped out into space of time, and will return back to eternity. Eternity has dropped down in a body called time, then it goes right back up into eternity again. It cannot perish.

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      1. Dear Dan, I am so happy to find one we see eye-to-eye with me. You are exactly very right: I am a typologist, and that has been my approach since 1977 when called into the ministry; because I do believe that types cannot fail: when you see the shadow of an elephant, it really shows what the true elephant is; the negative of any picture always shows the true object, the true image, the reality. It cannot fail. I thank God you have that spiritual insight, beloved Dan. (personal note as I have felt our closeness, just to let you view my profile, in short: all my life since 1980 up to date, all I do, beside of the ministry of the Gospel is busy translating religious books, articles and teachings for all the authors who are in need to spread their teachings beyond the barriers of languages, and I do it from English to French, vice-versa… We stay in touch. GBU)

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          1. It was very common with the Puritans. It is not so much in vogue today. I will do a bit of research and make a recommendation for you. Of course right off the top of my head is volume 11 in the works of Jonathan Edwards. That volume is a whole collection of types that Edwards saw in scripture and in nature. You can read it for free at the Jonathan Edwards Center website, http://www.edwards.yale.edu.

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          2. Thank you a lot, dear Dan. Just for the sake of sharing a bit more about typology, I am adding this piece from one of my sermons on typology: TYPOLOGY STUDY SYNOPSIS
            In the studying of the Scripture, I use a great deal of typology, which typology is typing the Old with the New. I’ll tell you why I do that. It’s upon the instruction of St. Paul, who laid the foundation of the way to rightly divide the scripts, said: 1 Cor. 3:10 … Paul said he was the Masterbuilder of the Body of Christ, the church, the bride, and urged all preachers coming after him to heed how they would build thereupon… He had that authority, said, Follow me as I follow Christ, and went even further to place a curse upon whosoever would preach different from what he preached, even if he’s an angel.
            Saint Paul, the greatest Bible expositor, I guess, the world has ever had, outside of our Lord Jesus Christ. And Paul was separating the… Now, Paul was a real Bible teacher; that is, the Old Testament. That’s the only Book was written then, called Bible. And he was trying to show to the Hebrews, separating the Old Testament and showing the Old Testament being a shadow or a type of the New.
            Now, when we study how he brought the Gospel, we see him using that approach of a typologist throughout all his teachings, and his most notable mention of this is found in Hebrews 10th chapter, as we read.
            For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image…
            Remember, it was a shadow of an image to come. A shadow only introduces that there is a image making the shadow:
            … a shadow of the things to come, and not the very image… (Notice.)… of the things… the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which were offered, continually make the comer unto perfect…

            Let us take some examples for illustration:

            1. And as Joseph was a type of Christ, he’s a type of the church which is the body of Christ on earth today. Beautiful. Wish we had time to go into it; dig out those golden nuggets of the Bible.
            Now, watch, all the old things in the Old Testament just run parallel with the new. And notice how that he was rejected and despised, and how he was criticized by his brother, and finally, persecuted, even to–almost unto death. Was taken down in Egypt, and many of us know the story, how God was with him no matter what they said about him. When they seen him come in the fields, said, “Here comes that dreamer. Let’s see what he’s going to say now, making fun of him, just as the unbelieving Christian today will make fun of the believer: same thing. Yet a member of the body, by faith in Christ, rejecting… Oh, what a horrible thing.
            Now, Joseph was born of his father, and was loved of his father, and hated of his brethren. Now, notice, perfect picture of the Lord Jesus… I want you to notice how His life just types. In the Old Testament everything typed now. Look back there and see the picture; there’s a shadow and you see what the positive is.
            Now notice, Joseph being a type of Christ, a type of the Church, type of the Holy Spirit, type… He was a prince of prosperity, just as Christ is, just as the Church today. Notice again, that when he was born, his father loved him, and he made him a coat of many colors.
            Now, there are only seven perfect colors in all colors. All others are made off these colors. And the coat, perhaps, had colors in it of seven different colors, stripes of colors into the coat that the father made. If you notice, maybe, Jacob didn’t understand that at the time. But that signified, “promised one.”
            When God gave Noah the rainbow sign, the seven colors, it was a promise or a covet one. God had made a covenant that He would destroy the world no more with water. And God’s covenant was also carried over through Jacob into Joseph. Abraham was election, and Isaac was justification, and Israel was grace, and Joseph was perfection. That was the only one that had the colors.
            We see Jesus setting upon the throne with the colors, rainbow around Him. In Revelations 1 it was God’s covenant with the people. Christ… Here it is. Oh, how I want you to see it. Christ is God’s Covenant with His people, not denominations, but Christ is God’s Covenant.
            As Joseph was hated, so is Christ hated today. They don’t want to say they hate Christ. But their works prove what they do. They’re against every move of Him. Speak of His action, His works, His marvelous doings, why, sure we have Satan at the camp too, a battling away. Certainly.
            And they’ll point to the words of Satan. But I don’t care what Satan does to try to confuse; God’s Word stands perfect and His promise is perfect. I’ll never want to take sides with that group.
            Notice, there He was, the Covenant. Christ was to look upon at Jasper and Sardis stone in Revelations. That was the breast stone, or the birthstone, rather, from Reuben to Benjamin. That was the reflection of the Sardis and Jasper as they reflected together under the Light of God, made the covenant around Christ, the rainbow. And what does it speak of? Reuben, the oldest, Benjamin, the youngest. From first to the last, He was the One that was, which is, and shall come, The Root, the Offspring of David; He’s the Morning Star. He’s from A to Z, the Alpha, the Omega, God’s reflection from the beginning of time to the end of time. There He is, God’s Covenant with His people.
            And all these other things, Joseph, David, all the prophets was just a reflection (Amen.), reflecting from the true Seed from the garden of Eden, till the time that He shall come the second time in glory to receive His people and His Church. There it is, beautiful to look upon.
            Joseph, his brothers were arrogant with him. They hated him without a cause, because he was supernaturally inspired. You get it? Cain hated Abel without a cause, because of being supernatural inspired.
            Moab hated Israel without a cause, because they had Divine healing, signs, wonders, and miracles, hated him without a cause and wouldn’t let him pass through the…
            2. THE ARK
            God said to Noah, “Pitch it within and without, both sides, pitch it.”
            Then I was studying over what pitch was made out of. I went back and got it, and went back into an old dictionary, begin to find out what pitch meant. Into the Greek, I find out that pitch meant one thing… a substance. But how they got pitch, they beat it out of another tree. It was like rosin, and they beat it out, and boiled it, and then poured it on. And it becomes pitch.
            What a beautiful thing, of the wood before it’s cut down, a certain type of timber, being human, Christ in His humility, being human. And the Church, His ark today, coming into His Church, which is no more than His own spiritual body here on earth… That Christ was cut down, and life was beat out of Him, that it might be applied to the Church.
            Now, this soft gopher wood, when they poured this hot pitch over it, it soaked it up right quick, inside and out, and made it a sealed. Amen. Oh, you see it? A seal: soft, soaking in the Word of God, Christ pouring the Holy Spirit, het up. Amen. It won’t run when it’s cold. It’s got to get hot. What we need today is an old fashion, Holy Ghost meeting, het up, poured down.
            They took that soft gopher wood, the big ladle, and poured it on, and the gopher wood real soft, ready, then from the inside and out, that pitch went through and cased it over like steel. No water could seep in it at all. It was a protection.
            And every man that comes and receives Christ, and coats him by the Holy Spirit, becomes so one minded till he sees nothing else but Christ. He doesn’t care for the world any more. You can bump him, bounce him, kick him out, do everything you want to, but he’s cased over. In other words, he’s sealed. Seal up all the cracks, that’s what they did with the pitch. And the Bible said what…
            You know what the sealing is for this, have with this ark today? Ephesians 4:30 said, “Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed (or pitched, cased over) until the day of redemption.” Amen. All sealed up, every little portion of wood, every little outlet, every little hole, every little crack, and every little pore in the wood is just sealed and cased in with the Spirit of God. Oh, how marvelous.
            See, if you put it on cold, you’d have air holes in it. If you ever hit against a log or something, it might bust it, because it’s got a flaw in it. But when its het, poured on, then it goes all the way though and seals it both sides, inside and out. Amen.
            Perfect type of Christ and His Church. How one tree had to be cut down, to be beaten and bruised and all the juice took out of it; and then that applied to the other tree to preserve the tree through the judgment. Christ was cut down, that through His life, and by the Holy Spirit, the Church might be carried through the judgment. See it? What a beautiful picture. Oh, my. That thrills you, doesn’t it? Just make your heart jump back and forth. See? All of it speaking of Christ, everything in the Old Testament was of Christ, foreshadowing It.
            Over in the Old Testament He said, “Now, you shall make an ark.” And He specified the wood, “acacia wood.” Or you can make it out of this wood. It’s called, in the Bible, “shittim wood,” but it’s really called “acacia wood.” And you can make it the same thing, the ark. And said, “You shall make it and overlay it with gold.”
            Watch that ark, see if it typed Christ. Notice, it typed every time. Noah was a type of Christ, making a way, so was Moses.
            Now, watch the Ark of the Covenant. He said, “You shall make it out of acacia wood and overlay it with gold.” Anyone who knows the Scripture, know that gold speaks of Deity, and wood speaks of humanity. See He said, “You shall cover it, overlay it with gold, over the wood.” That’s Deity over the wood: Christ over the Church, inside and out, Deity, overlaid.
            You’ll have a lid on top of it. It’ll be a mercy seat, and all the laws will rest in it. But before you sprinkle it over with blood. The law speaks of judgment. But between the law and the congregation, there was something for Deity stood in its place: type of Christ. Between the wrath of God, the judgment in hell, between that and the believer stands Deity Himself, Christ, standing in the way with atonement made to save us from our sins and to heal us from our sickness. Deity stands in the way between judgments.
            The law was a judge. The law judged, but the atonement stood between the confessed believer and the judgment. There laid the judgment in the ark, ready to come forth. But when it did, it couldn’t, for there was an atonement standing between it and the believer. And the believer come and accepted Christ in the shadow and type, shed blood sprinkled upon the mercy seat, then he had mercy, and could walk away rejoicing, because he was free from judgment.
            “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh, but the Spirit.” And when a man knows that he’s died to the things of the world, and those that get in Christ Jesus, and walking according to the Holy Spirit, and not the ways of this sinful world, there’s no condemnation to him. He can look in the face of hell and judgment and rejoice, because there’s the Blood of Christ making atonement, standing between him and judgment. Amen. There you are.
            The believer once in, the lid shut down that settles it for all time. Amen. Gold, Deity lay over and underneath it, and all around it, wrapped up in Deity. Every man that’s come into Christ is wrapped up in the Holy Spirit and become sons and daughters of God.
            … And just beat out gold. They got it hot and beat it. And the beater of the gold beat the gold. He had to beat it with a hammer. And they beat the gold until he’d see his reflection in it. Then get her hot, and pour it out over the ark, and it soaked into the wood. Oh, my.
            When the Holy Spirit, being the power, Holy Ghost and fire, poured out upon the believer, through the Blood of Christ, makes atonement there for him. He’s safe from all Divine judgment. “Does that include sickness?” Yes, sir. Absolutely does.
            It doesn’t say it won’t push you about, it won’t mock you, it won’t get on you, it won’t do this. “But many are the afflictions of the righteous.” Many times will the ark be tossed this way and that way, “but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.”
            Many bounces had the old ark. Many ups-and-downs, and many gales did she ride, but she landed on Mount Ararat, just the same.
            Many alligator I said, crossed the little ark, many gales had rode through the night, many dark storms she rode through, but landed safely in the bulrushes, where the intents could be taken to the throne of the nation: from the lowest to the highest. Amen.
            We miserable, wretched, from the lowest of all insects, lowest of all creatures, morally polluted, spiritually dead can be lifted from that place by the ark of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to be sons and daughters, and kings and priests unto God. What a picture.
            Now, in the Old Testament in Numbers 19, when they were in their journey, God called Moses and Aaron and said, “Command the children of Israel that they bring to you a red heifer, a red heifer without a spot or a blemish.”
            A beautiful type of Christ again… Red being a bad sign, a danger sign, yet it’s a sign of redemption. The Blood streak has been all… It’s a thread all the way through the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.
            “Bring me a red heifer upon which was never a yoke.” (Not yoked up with anything else.) “Bring her, and let her be brought before Eleazar, the High Priest, and the congregation, and let them kill her. And let Eleazar take the blood upon his fingers and sprinkle stripes over the door of the congregation seven times.” Then said, “Let them burn her body with her hoofs, with her horns, and all that she is. And then take scarlet, and hyssop, and cedar wood, and throw it into the sacrifice and burn this together.”
            And then they was to mix it with water, and put it in the–a clean place. And it was to be a water of separation to separate the sinner (the Christian) from his sins, to bring him into fellowship again. Now, what happened? If a sojourner or a stranger or either a children of Israel had sinned and done wrong, they came to the outer courts first.
            And I want you to notice the mixing of the sacrifice, beautifully. Now, the first there was put in cedar, scarlet, and hyssop. Those three elements… You notice, they’d used in the Bible; many times it speaks of a covenant. Now, you take a three cornered piece of glass and shine it to a light (a sun) it’ll produce seven different colors, a rainbow color. If you’ll put the three and against the sun, it’ll reflect the rainbow, and a rainbow stands for a covenant.
            Now, I studied this some time ago, on what does scarlet mean in the Bible? Scarlet was ram’s wool that had been dyed in blood, knowing that something died to color the animal a different color. The ram was a gray color–grizzle–which is a hypocrite color. But once dyed in the red… And anybody here that knows anything about science knows that you can take anything red and look at red, and red through red looks white.
            Therefore, when your sins be as red as crimson, and God looks at them through the Blood of His Son, you become white as snow. Red through red looks white; that’s the approach. Red looking at red turns white. God, looking at the sinner, that’s confessed he is a sinner and has accepted God’s provided way of approach, God sees him white as snow. There you are. Looking red through red…
            He can’t look through a creed; He cannot look through a denomination; He cannot look through something else. It must be the Blood and the Blood alone.
            4. THE FLOUR SACRIFICE:
            Now, go in at the what? “You shall not go into any gate that the Lord God has given you, but at the gate that the Lord will put His Name in.” Not go into the house of the gate which is the door. That right? God’s going to put His Name at the door, and you shall not… That’s the gate that enters into the place of worship, the sanctuary. You don’t go in there with your sacrifice to any of these gates, but in the gate that the Lord God chooses to put His Name in. See?
            Now, has He done that? Where is that gate? In St. John 10, Jesus said, “I am the gate, the door. I am the door to the House of God. I am a door to the sheepfold.” Not the goatfold, the sheepfold. See? “I am the door to the sheepfold. A man may enter into this door, safe.”
            And now we could linger a long time on that. But, to save time, He is the door to that sheepfold. Now, we want to notice here. The shadows and types are really in view right here, but I… if I take that page I’d… it’s going to hold you awhile.
            All right, notice, this brings in perfect view, Jesus Christ. For all the Old Testament is type of Him, all the feasts, all the worships, and everything… Even the meal offering was a type of Christ. Let’s just take that one.
            One time there was a school called the school of the ministers, or school of prophets. They trained up, educated prophets. And there was a genuine, God-called prophet one time went up to visit them. They were going to show the old prophet a little courtesy, so one of them went out and picked a big bunch of what he thought to be peas; but they were poison gourds, and he was going to feed them all on that.
            Notice again. Now, in this–in this, when Elijah come around and looked at them, and seen that it was poison gourds that would kill every one of them, they said, “Alas, we got death in the pot!”
            He said, “Bring me a handful of meal.” And he threw meal into it, he said, “Now it’s all right, eat what you want.” It changed death to life.
            And the meal offering that was given to… Christ, He was the Meal offering, and the meal offering must be ground with a certain burr that made every little chunk of meal the same, shows that He’s the same yesterday, today, and, forever. He’s the same thing to put in your denomination and it’ll live, the Word! Christ is the Word, all the types of everything: the tabernacle, the shewbread, everything. The broken kosher under the plate was His broken body, that the Jews can’t explain yet why they do it. See? And all these other things typed Him.
            5. THE KEY OF DAVID:
            “He that hath the key of David.” This beautiful phrase follows and comes out of the preceding phrase, “He that is true”.–Christ, the Perfect Realization, contrasted with Partial Realization. Here it is. Moses was a prophet of God, but Jesus (like unto Moses) was THE Prophet of God. David (a man after God’s own heart) was king of Israel, but Jesus is the Greater David, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, God very God. Now David was born of the tribe of Judah out of whom no priests came, yet he ate of the shewbread reserved for priests. He was the great warrior overcoming the enemy, establishing the people; as king he sat on the throne. He was a prophet. He was a wonderful type of Christ.
            Now it says in Isaiah 22:22,
            “And the key of the house of David will I lay upon His shoulder; so He shall open, and none shall shut; and He shall shut, and none shall open.”
            The Spirit uses this Old Testament reference concerning the Lord Jesus Christ and His ministry in the church. What the key of David signified at that time is mere shadow, which is now fulfilled in Jesus standing in the midst of the lampstands. It has to do with our Lord AFTER His resurrection and not His earthly pilgrimage. But what does this key signify? The answer lies in the POSITION of the key. It is NOT in His hand. It is not worn around His neck. It is not placed in the hands of other men, or the verse could not be saying that HE ALONE HAS THE USE OF THAT KEY–FOR HE ALONE OPENS AND SHUTS, AND NO MAN has that right but Jesus Himself. Isn’t that right? But where is the key? IT IS ON HIS SHOULDER. But what does SHOULDER have to do with it?
            Read Isaiah 9:6,
            “And the government shall be upon His shoulder.”
            But what does this mean? The answer is this. The phrase, “government upon His shoulder” comes from the wedding ceremony of the East. When the bride has been committed to the groom she takes off her veil and places it over the groom’s shoulders, signifying that not only is she under his dominion–that she has transferred her rights to him–that he is the head–but also that he bears the responsibility and the care and that HE AND HE ALONE–NO ONE ELSE–NO OTHER MAN–NO OTHER POWER–HAS ANY RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY. And that, beloved, is the KEY of David. God being Sovereign, He foreknew by Divine decree exactly who would be in His bride. He chose her. She did not choose Him. He called her. She did not come on her own. He died for her. He washed her in His own blood. He paid the price for her. She belongs to Him and to Him alone. She is wholly committed to Him and He accepts the obligation. He is her head, for Christ is the head of His church. As Sarah called Abraham, Lord, even so the bride is happy that He is her Lord. He speaks and she obeys for that is her delight.
            … Before the foundation of the world, that He–we should be holy and without blame before him in love: (4th verse of Ephesians 1.)
            Having predestinated… (Or other words, foreknowing)… us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the pleasure of his good will.
            Now, let’s take the laws of the Old Testament for a shadow.
            Now, under the order of the law of the Old Testament, which was a type of this today, the new…
            In a family of man, when a child was born in the family, as soon as the boy was born, he was the son of that family. The father loved him, of course. And then, if you’ll get over in Galatians and so forth, you can read where the adoption and so forth, the placing of sons…
            Then the father had so much work to do over the whole kingdom, he placed a tutor, or a teacher over the son. And this tutor brought word to the father all the time how the child was progressing. A teacher, anyone knows that was the Old Testament rule, a tutor. Paul speaks about the law being just a tutor to bring us to Christ, or an educator.
            Now, as this… the tutor begin to watch the boy grow. He was a son. But yet the father didn’t know what to do with him, or what he would be when he grows up.
            And see the boy, being a son already, but yet, if he wasn’t a worthy son, the father could not adopt him, or place him in his own family. He couldn’t do it, because the boy would run through what he had. He was a restless child. He didn’t have the ability to carry on with his father’s work. So the father just let him go on as a son. He was already his son.
            But if he was a fine boy. He was about his father’s business, and the tutor brought word to the father, saying that the son is fine. He’s eligible. He’s all right. Then the father took the son out into a public place as a public testimony. And he put a special robe on him, and set him up before the people. And the father, by doing this, gives the son the authority over his kingdom, over his business and so forth. The son had a right to go out and do certain things in the kingdom with the same kind of authority that his father had.
            God did it with His own Son. After He took Peter, James, and John upon Mount Transfiguration, He adopted His own Son. God overshadowed Him, and the Bible said. Now, the apostles had seen Him, and the Lord given a robe. But on Mount Transfiguration, when the Holy Ghost came down before three witnesses… (The mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established.) He took Peter, James, and John, hope, faith, and charity. And took them up on mountain, these three of them, and there God overshadowed His own Son, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and the Bible said His garments glistened like sun, and God put on the Son the robe, the adoption. Said, “This is My beloved Son; hear ye Him,” fulfilling every law that the Old Testament required. Amen.
            7. ENOCH:
            Enoch walked with God five hundred years, and had a testimony that he pleased God. And he was a type of the raptured Church.
            8. DAVID:
            Look at David, the Son of David. Christ was the Son of David. Christ in David, hated, despised, rejected of His own people, dethroned went up over the mountain, looking back weeping because His own even beloved children had turned him down and dethroned him. And He wept over Jerusalem as He went up: perfect type of Christ. The Son of David setting on Mount Olives, rejected by His own beloved, and set up there weeping over Jerusalem, said, “How oft would I have hovered you as the hen does her brood, but you have not.”
            Now, what was it? The Spirit of God working down through the prophets, till It came to full manifestation in Christ Jesus. And He was God made manifest in flesh.
            9. MOSES:
            Like Moses on the mountain with his hands up, and Israel was fighting, cutting their way through; and he stood with his hands up. He stood with his hands up until the sun went down; they had to hold his hands up. That was Moses; he was a type of Christ. To be sure that His hands stay up, His hands was nailed up on the cross. Hallelujah. And He climbed the ramparts of glory today with His bloody garments before God at the right hand of His Majesty there. And the battle to every soldier will cut his way through (I don’t care what takes place) with the Word of God, he will cut himself to freedom. Amen.
            10. SAMSON:
            Now, a lot of people say, “Samson had shoulders like a barn door.” Well, it wasn’t… Well, some of these artists that tries to paint his pictures… That would be no mystery to me, to see a man with shoulders like barn doors to slay a lion, or take up a gate and walk away with it. But Samson was just a little bitty mama’s boy, a little curly headed shrimp, about like that. Now, that’s what fooled the people. And he was just an ordinary boy, had seven little curls hanging down his back, and looked like a little sissy. That’s right. Everybody would laugh at him, a type of the Holy Ghost Church. And he was a weakling. But when the hour come that God wanted to use him, he was a giant, brother.
            God wants a Church that He can lay His hands on. I don’t care how little it is. “Two or three gathered in My Name, I’ll be in their midst,” not just speak it.
            ALL THE OLD TESTAMENT IS LITERALLY TYPES AND SHADOWS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, but time cannot allow me to take it one by one.
            ************* I will take time to go and read Jonathan. Thank you. GBU.

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          3. Clement, I would encourage you to make this a post on your site, instead of having this be a comment here. I suggest that for the following reasons: 1. It is not going to get the play here that it deserves. If you posted it and put the link back here in a comment instead, IB and Toiler would be directed to your site and be able to interact with you there. 2. My post here was just supposed to be a bit of humor, so it is not the most advantageous place for it. It deserves its own place.


          4. Thank you so much. I am very sorry for that. I will be more cautious with this in the future. Again, thank you to bring me back to line.


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