I have been learning that…


Just because the road you are walking is hard, painful, or confusing, don’t jump to the conclusion that you are off track.

Joseph’s road led to his brothers beating him and selling him as a slave, being accused of rape, and being thrown in prison.

David’s road led to the wilderness and hiding in a cave for years after he was anointed king.

Job’s road led to places where he lost his wealth, his health, and his children.

These painful circumstances, disappointments, and tragedies were not messages of God’s disapproval of them. They were always in His care, and got where God wanted them to go. Joseph was able to save his family from famine, David learned how to lead and to depend on God, Job was vindicated and was blessed twice as much in the second half of his life as he has been in the first. Just because the road is hard, don’t assume you are not on the right one.


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