You Are Faithful (a prayer)

Father God,

You are my refuge, my strength, my ever-present help in times of trouble. Who else can help? Where else is there to go? There is only You.

Why do I worry so much about the future, when there is so much to thank You for in the present? You have provided richly for me. Not only things of necessity, but things for comfort as well. Surely I look around and see that I lack no good thing.

I remember where I have come from; the trouble You have saved me from. And I remember that You rescued me, provided for me, and blessed me even when I was not looking for it. All the help You give, all the blessings You bestow, are all from grace.

I look through the Scriptures and see what You have done for Your people, how time and time again You rescued them, protected them, helped them, provided for them, and led them. When there was no water, You brought it out from rocks. When there was no food, You turned morning dew into manna. When there was no way, You parted the sea.

You have always been faithful. You have always been true. You have always been there. Even when we did not see it.

Help me to continue to trust You. Strengthen my gratitude for past and present grace, that I may continue to grow a confident hope for grace yet to come.

Help me to focus on the work you have given me today and to let tomorrow worry about itself, for You are already there waiting for me.

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