1. Guided meditation is a method for thinking and focusing thoughts. By itself, it is neither good nor bad. The question is, do you trust your therapist? If you do, I am sure things will be fine.


        2. Caution: I just had my first therapy appt ever and should’ve trusted my discernment. I wanted to leave almost immediately but didn’t. Turns out she’s not really committed to any religion but practices Judaism and Buddhism. She told me she wanted to teach me yoga breathing and deep meditation. Alarms went off instantly. I’m not going back. So pray about it and trust gods voice.

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          1. Well….My counselor said she wouldn’t do it with me…but pointed to You Tube and said, “Do it for yourself!” She did find a short one on You Tube so I could heard what one was like. Not too bad…relaxation visualizing. If I’m careful…! I’ll try it.

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