Sometimes circumstances make it clear that we need to remember that…


Of course…I would rather say “the essence of submission.” Not once in the Bible are we told to surrender to God. There are places where we are told to submit to God. But who am I to argue with Tozer? Surrender or submission… you get the point. Sometimes we just need to stop, and let God do His thing. Let’s hit the point home with a little Plumb.


  1. Surrender = to give the control to someone else. Submission = the act of being obedient. So, I would say we have to surrender in order for submission to be part of our lives. As someone who lives with a chronic illness, I have learned that I needed to surrender my will to God’s will. In the act of surrender, then submission, I learned the “secret of being content” in every situation. (Phil. 4:12) God will do His thing.

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    1. Surrender is to give into authority because you have to, not because you want to. Submission is to recognize authority and to obey because you see that authority is legit. Surrender in the Bible is always used in a negative sense and never in relation to how God wants us to respond to Him. BUT, I totally respect your thoughts on this. I can tell you have given some serious thought to your position. I just wanted to clarify my own position in light of your comment. =)


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