Love You More (a prayer)

Father God,

There is nothing we need more than Your love and forgiveness, and You have given that freely through Jesus Christ.
It does not matter what we have done,
how we have fallen short,
how badly we have hurt you, ourselves, or others.
In Jesus all our guilt has been seen,
and taken away in Him.

Thank You for such a Savior,
for such great grace,
for a grace that not only absolves us
but adopts us,
that not only frees us from justice
but makes us just,
that not only deals with our sin
but reaches out with love.

Father we want to love You more.
We want to see You more.
We want to know You more fully,
Give us that spiritual sight,
that taste for Your glory and holiness,
give us ears that listen for Your voice,
and a heart that is moved by the sound of Your singing over Your people.

Jesus we want to love you more.
We want to submit to You,
to follow You,
to trust You,
to be obedient to You.
We want to see the world as You see it.
We want to see the church as you see her.
Lead us Jesus.
Lead us in how we live, love, and work.
Give us eyes to see where You are working,
who You are working with,
and show us what You want us doing as individuals and as a community.

Spirit we want to love You more.
We need our ears opened to you.
Give us insight into Your Scripture.
Speak clearly to us.
Make our hearts tender and responsive to what You are doing
in us,
through us,
and around us.
Cultivate the character of Christ in us,
quarry deep into our hearts,
removing the stones and briars that choke and hinder Your work.
Uproot our desire to sin.
Increase our capacity to love You, Jesus, and the Father
so that our love for one another might increase.
Prune us so that we have an abundance of humility,
a harvest of mercy,
and the fruits of love.
Keep us from being petty.
Keep us ready to forbear and to forgive.



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