1. LOL! Oh now, don’t be knocking Batman! Batman is awesome. There’s no such thing as a cowardly Batman. That’s why there are no pictures of a cowardly Batman on line.

    Batman loves people! It is just that some people need to be “loved” by being chased down the road by a psychotic man in a batsuit. I haven’t found a scriptural reference for that truth yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s in there somewhere. 🙂

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    1. I would never knock the Batman…. or Chuck Norris. I like my head where it is. And as surely as a coward in a batman costume is instantly recognized as not being the Batman, a Christian who is not known for their love, is no better off–no matter how good the rest of the “Christian” stuff they know, or claim, or wear. Without love, its just a costume.

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