1. Amen, good words! God is a God of abundance too, not of scarcity. The world tends to operate on scarcity, lack, envy, always as if there is not enough. I remember my girls at the beach once fighting over grains of sand. They accused one another of “hogging all the sand” and of course there were miles and miles of beach so such a thing wasn’t even possible, but that really is human nature and the way of the world around us.

    Jesus is actually more than enough,sometimes more than we can handle, abundant with His grace and blessings.

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    1. Thanks IB. In a way, all your posts seem to hit on a facet of this thing I have been learning. God wants us to see and experience that He is a God of abundance! That is so true. The more we realize that we are not enough, the more we are able to see that Jesus is enough. The part that all those candy-coated praise songs, happy sermons, and best-selling books don’t tell you, is that the only way for you to be learning that you are not enough and that Jesus is enough is to be brought to lousy, lonely, languishing places where it becomes painfully clear that you are not enough and that if Jesus does not come through, you’re dead! But as you so eloquently put it, “Jesus is actually more than enough, sometimes more than we can handle, abundant with His grace and blessings.” And therefore, the blessing far outweighs the cost of His growing us into it, right?

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