A Tale of Three Women 2.0

For those who are interested, I have added the audio and PowerPoint to the original post. Grace, Dan

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

Introduction: Several years ago I posted this sermon of mine. I remains one of the top posts on my blog. I have had opportunity to bring this message to four other churches since then. It challenges us to think about what it means to incarnate Christ-like grace to the broken, the lost, and the outcast. The safest place on earth to confess your sins should be the church and the safest people to share your brokenness with should be Christians, but too often this is not the case. My friends we are not called to merely rejoice in God’s grace, but to incarnate and share that same grace with all who need it, especially the lost, the broken, and the outcast! My prayer is that the Spirit will bless your reading of it and be moved to live in such a way as to make Jesus and His offer…

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