Want to improve your prayer life?

“So long as we cling to the notion that we are ultimately each in charge of our own life we do not really need God and we will not really want to pray. So long as we view our weakness as a disgrace, we will only pray in moments of extreme desperation.

“Our desire to hold onto the façade of our own importance, our determination to take care of ourselves, and our need to be strong and independent are so deep-seated it may take a crisis in order for us to be broken open to a new view of our vulnerability. Dependence on God needs to be seen as openness rather than as weakness. We need God, not because we are unable to care for ourselves, but because we were created for such a relationship. To be closed up in ourselves, pretending that we are self-sufficient, is really to live dishonestly, for it denies part of our human nature.”– Howard L. Rice, “Reformed Spirituality,” pp. 83-83.


    1. Thought I’d share some of the stuff I’m reading for my PhD thesis. This stood out because it was an application of prayer of those two lessons I think God is always teaching us: 1. I am not enough, and 2. Jesus is enough.

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  1. Thank you for this! It is the truth, and I am seeking to ever increase and define my prayer life through a closer reading of the Word of God. I need to draw closer to Him who directs my steps and orders my life.

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