When bad things happen we start looking for explanations, rationalizations, things to blame, problems to fix, habits to stop or change. One of the things I have been learning is that we often limit looking to places we can see and control. When things don’t fit into that box we essentially start our own collection of x-files and file them under the weird, the coincidental, and the freak accident. One thing that we don’t often consider is spiritual attack. I am not saying that weird, coincidence, and freaky stuff don’t happen—I think they do—but I have been learning that sometimes what should be discerned as a spiritual attack gets stamped and filed away in our minds as unexplained, as an x-file.

Case in point. I am here at Yale to work on my thesis. Every time I come here to do that it seems bad things happen that keep me distracted or keep me from working on it. I got here Saturday. Sunday, my daughter Anna who has been hospitalized multiple times for anxiety and depression had an immense panic attack. The first really serious one in about six months. Monday a close friend of mine experienced a major anxiety attack and I needed to make time to help her through it from a distance. Tuesday Mandi and Anna were almost hit by a car crossing the street to a doctor’s appointment. Half way through the appointment, the entire medical building lost power and they needed to leave. The whole place was dark, no emergency lighting anywhere, even in the stairwells. They had to force open the doors to get out. When have you ever seen a medical building completely lose power? I never have. This all led to Anna having another serious anxiety attack that was so severe she ended up in the ER. Today, I had a Skype meeting set up with my advisor regarding my thesis and after waiting an hour (that was full of technical difficulties getting Skype working) I got a short email from him saying that he was experiencing a family emergency and would need to reschedule. So now, I find myself in this holding pattern…away from home, and in prayer for family, friends, and my mentor and teacher. All who are experiencing serious problems.

After praying and asking for discernment, I am convinced that all this is a spiritual attack. I don’t know why, I don’t know what the end goal is, I don’t pretend to be the main target, all I know is that I am in the middle of it: a sustained, organized, an intentional attack that is taking place in four states across the country.

Divide, separate, isolate…that is the Enemy’s modus operandi. His fingerprints are all over this. The great thing about the Spirit of God is that we are never really divided from the Father, or separated from Christ, or isolated from one another. The Enemy can make you think that, he can make you feel that. But he can never accomplish that…he can only fool you into thinking he has.

So I am fighting back:
by calling him out,
by calling on Christ,
and by calling you in to join me in prayer.

And if you think you might be in this too, let me know and I will pray for you too.




  1. “The Enemy can make you think that, he can make you feel that. But he can never accomplish that…he can only fool you into thinking he has.” And he is the father of lies, a liar from the beginning. And the best way to fight lies is with Truth. In the Name of Jesus, I stand with Dan against the individual and corporate attack of the enemy to steal, kill, and destroy Your plan for his studies and his family, and Your will for Your kingdom in all of his life and livelihood. I pray for Your warring angels and ministering angels to surround his environment. I ask specifically for breakthrough for his daughter, and for his thesis. I ask You to “rebuke the devourer” in these situations for the sake of Your kingdom and in Jesus’ Name. Thank you, dear Father, for Your faithful love to us. AMEN.

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