Resisting God, an Effective Hindrance to Grace

It’s Fénelon Friday!


LETTER 38: Resisting God, an Effective Hindrance to Grace

Down deep in your heart I believe you know what God demands of you, but you are resisting Him. And this is the cause of all your distress. You are beginning to think that it is impossible for you to do what God requires. But recognize this for what it is: a temptation to give up hope. Now it’s quite all right for you to give up hope about self (it will never be any better!), but never give up hope in God. He is all good and all powerful, and He will give whatever you need according to your faith. If you will believe all things, all things shall be yours, and you shall even remove mountains. But if you believe nothing, you shall have nothing. And only you will be to blame. Look at Abraham, who hoped against every reasonable hope! Look at Mary, who, when the most incredible thing in the world was proposed to her, did not hesitate, but exclaimed, “be it unto me according to thy word” (Luke 1:38).
So open up your heart to the riches of God’s grace. You are now so locked up within yourself that you not only do not have the power to do what is required of you, but you do not even desire to have it. You actually seem to be afraid of what might happen if you open up to God’s grace in this situation. And, of course, God’s grace cannot fill your heart when it is so completely locked up.
All I ask of you is that you have a teachable spirit of faith, and do not pay any attention to self. Simply trust everything into the hands of God, be humble, and open up to His grace. Through meditation and prayer, you will receive peace, and everything will gradually be worked out for you. And the things which, in your hour of temptation, seemed so difficult will disappear almost imperceptibly.


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