It the Shoe Fits…

When my wife Mandi got her driver’s license she wanted to put a fish on her bumper. Her mom said, “You can do that if you are going to drive carefully, respectfully, and drive the speed limit.” Her mom wanted to be sure that if she was going to publically display her faith in Jesus that way, that her driving was going to back that up.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a cross around your neck, sporting a christian t-shirt, having pictures of Bible verses on your walls, or putting a fish on your bumper. But forgiveness speaks louder than a gold cross, showing love catches more attention than a Jesus t-shirt or a pretty picture of 1 Corinthians 13, and kindness and compassion are more effective than clever bumper stickers. As someone once said, “what you do speaks so loudly that what you say I can’t hear.”


  1. Amen, I love this! I wear a cross to remind myself of that very thing, no cursing people out in traffic, no speeding, because you’re representing Christ. We once had a man pull in front of us at the gas station, Christian bumper stickers everywhere, who proceeded to yell at the clerk and slam things around. I was about to despair when my hubby quipped, “Good thing he’s a Christian, I’d hate to see what he was like without Christ.” Well there you go, perspective is everything.

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    1. Bwahahaha! That’s a great illustration there. We need to conduct ourselves in the truth and we need to respond to others in grace…and humor. That whole meekness thing can be tricky can’t it? I know it is for me…

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